The Descending of Heaven

It’s Sunday October 9th  2011 3:55 pm – And it’s time – I don’t know where this ends, but I feel inspired to start sharing my personal perspective on what’s become known as The Shift, The End Times, The Awakening, The Quickening – think 2012, Mayan Calendar, Ascension, you get the idea. So I’m gonna hit the ground running. There’s enough stuff (either “truthful”/sincere or manipulative information) out there on the Internet, and I am not going to repeat it or discuss it in-depth here. Please use your inner guidance as a compass to your own truth. If it worries you or makes you fearsome, just steer clear of it.

What I expect to share here won’t resonate with everyone. It’s supposed to be that way at this time, in my opinion. And everyone is naturally drawn to that what fits his path when the time is just right.  I use the term “resonate” because  it’s not about understanding in a pure left-brainish manner, but about intuitive knowing.

And from recent personal experience I can tell you that “intuition”  is starting to outgrow the “a little hunch here, a little gut feeling there” category. Call it intuition on steroids.   Long story short:  it’s a deep conviction that makes itself heard either through an expanded manifestation of “YES”, a synchronicity or who knows what…  You’ll get  instant confirmation whether a story, situation or insight rings true for you or not, even though you may not understand it. Old-school thinking isn’t really helpful here.  And it might take some getting used to, following/standing by this sense of inner truth. I’m very much a work in progress myself. And yes, your ego will try to sneak in through a backdoor with a “but” here, a “really?” there. See it as a game, and be playful about it.

I am not someone who goes out on a limb easily, but by writing this I’m actually following that strong inner pull myself. Why? I have to (insert dramatic pause here). This post/blog is not meant to explain it all, or be a complete story in itself. It will naturally get more form as you and I go along.

If you wonder where the “intuition on steroids” comes from I only can put it this way (and the “don’t go out on a limb”–part of me just gave me the go-ahead): we are being activated. There, I said it.

And by activated I mean innate systems of consciousness are being fired up, connections coming online in/through us. It’s like and expansion of knowing and feeling, something deep in us that we’ve forgotten. We’re finally starting to remember what we are all about, who we are. And it’s not something to understand, but to experience.

And I don’t have a clear picture where this will lead us in the coming timeframe of 2011-2012 and beyond. I can only sense that there’s no imagining it, because it transcends the “old” us in a profound way. People might call it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, a Golden Age. And I know that there’s an inner unrest and outer turmoil that might beg you to differ. But ponder this: is the sky falling, or is it heaven descending?


4 Responses to “The Descending of Heaven”

  1. 1 Wendy October 13, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    I absolutely LOVE your writing style, your thoughts……. most excellent! You are doing a wonderful service sharing them!

    And just to throw in my pondering experience (lol!): I don’t see it so much as the sky is falling, or heaven is descending or even that we are ascending…. as it is just our expansion, collective and personal…. heading out to a new “game”…. gathering up our toys and going to the next sandbox, “bigger and better”, cause we “grew” so much with the old one, we out-grew it. To Infinity and Beyond!! (Buzz Lightyear lol!)

  2. 2 Jay October 14, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Hi Wendy, wow you’re my first commenter. Grand prize: a big hug. Thanks for the kind words, means a lot. See you in sandbox 2.0 then 🙂


    • 3 Wendy October 14, 2011 at 11:55 pm

      Thanks! Loving the big hug! I signed up for notifications on your future posts (no pressure! lol!) and look forward to them! (I got your blog link from your posting in Lauren’s comment section. Thank you for sharing!)

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