How on Earth?

Yesterday I went for a little stroll and with a smile this pleasant realization hit me: it’s beginning to feel a little bit more like my Earth again (sigh of relief). And for the rest of the walk this song (replace ‘Christmas’ by ‘New Earth’ ) hummed through my head.  And I read the stuff about expanding consciousness & Co. with great interest, resonance and a learning eye, but nothing means more to me than my own experience, my own connection, the Inner voice without the hearsay.  Eat. Proof. Pudding. My Earth.

And while walking I notice how intense the sun is for the end of October. And how it’s literally warming us up to a New World, showering us with higher consciozone. And it’s one thing getting your mind/spirit in line with the energy downloads (barely, at times) and this shift, but then your biology comes stumbling behind it to keep up with it, like a car chasing dog…‘Hold up’…No holding up, ‘just get with the program’ is the (almost) immediate inner response and you smile [=edges of your mouth goUP ]. And what that means:  don’t fight it, surrender.

And all in all (okay, I don’t know exactly where this eventually all will lead) it is still a rather elegant process. Yes, it’s humanly longwinded, destabilizing and (pretty) rough around the edges, but considering that we’re upgrading (up to the dense biological level)  as a species with the old hardware and software still running – something which used to take eons of watching paint dry… pretty darn elegant, I’d say.

I’m sort of surprised how easy this stuff becomes integrated as ‘normal’, as is my (current) perspective of the last couple of months. Maybe a month ago I might not have written this down as easily, as if I wasn’t there yet. But there’s an (on and off) inner conviction settling in, which makes September feel like years ago. It’s that time quickening thing, I guess.

And I can’t stop wondering how this will play out on a collective level . We, as humantennas, are all attuned to different frequencies: we pick up different stations so to speak. But when that dial is turned up a little, some will start to hear beautiful music, while others are picking up more static while listening to their daily ‘View of The World’ show. And though it seemed that in the past we could make these differences work (really?), they now seem to start being amplified, for our true sound to be unmasked.  And, despite all the in-betweens, it’s a major good thing. But I admit, in the meantime  there’s still a lot of : “…And you look at the tiny pink car – you look at the eleven clowns standing next to it – and you look at the tiny pink car again. And you think …‘How on Earth…?’ “


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