How Spirit-You-All are

Observing the gyrations and discussions around 2012, New Earth, expanding consciousness, I’m finally not so surprised anymore [well, maybe just a little, I’m only human, so I’m told] by the lack of critical discernment, putting in a little ‘not sure’ here, a small ‘really?’ there. Skimming the 2012-New Earth pages and comments gives an interesting peek into [part of] the human condition/collective psyche. Especially considering that these are the people that are supposedly waking up, seeking for truth and I’m sure honestly are dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. And on that I’m with you.  This is not a matter of right vs wrong  or ‘who is more spiritual’. It’s just a neutral (as can be) observation.

Whether it’s channelings, insider stories on global power machinations, prosperity programs, prophecies of days of reckoning or revelation: so many seem to buy these messages at face value like they’re ordering an ab cruncher [why  does that sound as such a 90’s reference?] from the home shopping channel.  Old school consumerism blinded by haloes and masked by incense. Mail order spirituality, straight from the catalogue. And to each his/her own, but there’s an awful lot of room for disappointment and frustration. Just so you know.

Sure  there’s plenty of esoteric information out there  that can be valuable, perhaps to question or expand your worldview. Nothing wrong with putting pieces of the puzzle together [as not to be shocked when it shows up on the six o’clock news  – ‘galactics?…oh dear… – honey, where’s my shot gun!’]. But it’s all in the processing of that data. Basic question: if disproven or not coming to pass, how would I feel?  If  the answer is not something like ‘at peace’, look further. Otherwise you set yourself up for these wonderful learning experiences we’ve labeled as ‘failure’, ‘discomfort’, ‘frustration’ or ‘shock’. Take your pick.

Other thing is that people say they want change, but they actually are looking for a certain (positive) outcome, a different (‘better’) state [they then can  firmly hold on to]. Change is the energy movement to get from one state to another state, which can often be chaotic. Problems arise when we wanna control the chaos/change. Having expectations about what the chaos should look like – plus twenty cents – buys you a one-way ticket on the ‘f-rust-reight’ train to Denial State Park. Another pitfall is when being too sure about what this envisioned outcome will mean to us, as it would come to pass in the future. ‘If only… – fill in the blanks –… then I’ll be happy ‘. All aboard?

I tend to think of my world view as a mosaic with all little bits of pieces of information ‘painting’ a bigger picture. Question: if a piece falls off how much will it change the picture?  A bigger piece falling off will distort the look of it more, so will create more chaos of unmet expectations. If you built it up with little fragments [say from multiple sources, experiences] your view is much more stable and not so prone to sea sickening paradigm shifts. Hanging on to your beliefs even when a big chunk of the mosaic comes off? Hello cognitive dissonance, and hello stomach knot.

So in that sense these are times of revelations: not in order  to judge, but to ‘get it’. We’re invited to enter into Neutrality, not getting hung up on the good, bad and the ugly – realizing we’ve all been there, done that. And Neutrality  is observing from the High Heart that transcends polarity, or perhaps better: integrates polarity. I know Neutrality is a tricky subject because  I feel it can’t be really understood from mere 3D-thinking, where ‘unconditional love’ comes with five pages of small print and a court order.

OK, so where do I sign up to ‘get it’ ?  It’s said that the reason for us being here on this planet is to re-member again who we are, where we’re from, how Spirit-You-All are.  In Dutch  ‘to remember’  means  ‘herinneren’. Which loosely translates back into English as ‘to re-inner/re-enter’, turning back inside. Finding what’s real, that which never changes, always was and never dies. Or as A Course in Miracles beautifully puts it:  ‘Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists’. Let’s get real.

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5 Responses to “How Spirit-You-All are”

  1. 1 Visionkeeper December 21, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Sorry i’m late, got stuck behind a school bus…Poor kids. I totally agree with you about placing all your eggs in one basket. That can be a major bummer. Most everything we need to learn for this trip is all inside anyway, If you use spiritual books and articles or channelings for more than a suggestion or as an inspiration, then you are misusing them. Any time you start looking for an outcome you set yourself up for the big crash. I must have read a hundred books when I first started out on a spiritual journey, but I usually took away only a few ideas from each one to get me to the next place I was headed. After a hundred or so of books I realized that walking the talk was where it was really at. I got enlightened and moved forward now it was time to set it into motion. The real key to it all in my opinion is how good a observer are you. You can’t change yourself unless you are willing to observe yourself closely so you can catch the things that need changing then do it. The Four Agreements was by far the main book that set me into motion to change my life. It was kind of a how to manuel. Anyway, I shall return when you crank out another bit of wisdom. Don’t be gone so long inbetween. If you want people here reading, you have to produce for them to keep them coming back…You’re needed so start the creative juices flowing….See ya again when you pop into my mailbox…VK

  2. 2 Jay December 21, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Hi VK, thanks for dropping by and sharing your true stuff. I decided to only write when it flows. I trust that those that ‘need’ the information will get it. Yes, it’s nice to get visitors and comments, but it’s no an end in itself for me. To me it’s more about grounding my ‘truth’, and expressing my thoughts (even if it’s for an empty venue 🙂 Starting from ‘there are no coincidences’ everything goes as it goes. ~ Joy to Our World – Jay

  3. 3 Wendy December 22, 2011 at 2:57 am

    Love it, Jay! I love hearing your perceptions with or without a schedule! lol! An unexpected and appreciated gift of sharing, thank you!

    This article is so right on with what’s been going thru my awareness of late…… And I’ve written and deleted so much in the last 45 minutes (wow! didn’t know it was that long!) on this comment…… and it just struck me as “unexpected and appreciated gift” is really the gist of it….. and I give up, for right now, of trying to put into words what I thought I wanted to share here….. lol!!!

  4. 4 Wendy December 22, 2011 at 3:05 am

    I’m loving this …. no structure…… no expectations…… no no-thing……. almost as if there is no perception, but I do see it, but no perception…… I keep trying for another word, but none are coming, so gonna have to stick with perception 🙂

    I used to think that I should only comment when I had an intelligent (argumentative, informative, fearful! lol!) comment to share, now, it just doesn’t matter! lol!

    • 5 Jay December 22, 2011 at 10:05 am

      Thanks Wendy, your comments are very welcome, and just take your time 🙂 If you come up with that other word, let us know. And in these times we can throw all schedules out of the window, anyway. Just glow with the flow ~ Shine a light – Jay

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