Soular Whispers

We are warmed up to New Earth by  New Sun (a.k.a. The Sunster), with an ever brighter glow. Have you noticed?  The Sun holds a deep promise, a truth that craves to be lived. It tells us with a dear embrace: ‘You are free, always have been and always will be’.  With the whole truth and ‘nothing but’ out there  – to be seen, to be felt, overflown with and filled up by –  is there really still a dare?

As the seasons turn, turn, turn here’s a little Sun-spired tune, Soular Whispers. You’re free to enjoy it, courtesy of The Sunster.


3 Responses to “Soular Whispers”

  1. 1 Visionkeeper January 17, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Good one Jayman….Sounds like you got the messages loud and clear. I am glad you proceeded to deliver the message in such a beautiful way 🙂 Thanks VK

  2. 2 Jay January 17, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Hi VK, glad it spoke to you as well, means a lot 🙂 Hope there will be more to come.

    Shine a light ~ Jay

  3. 3 Jay January 18, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Thank you Visionkeeper for putting my blog on your list. Keep the words flowing and the world rising.

    Shine a light,

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