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The Guardians

Reading the musings of Lisa Gawlas (here and here), currently from the grounds of New Mexico,  she speaks of The Guardians, the unseen energy keepers, up on the Mesa cliff  in her backyard. The ancestors that ‘are us, aspects of us to merge with’.  That image stuck with me, and begged for a little soundtrack.

They’re the winds from our past, the breeze from the future, seeding the vortex of Now. They are us.  Ssshhhhhh ssshhhhhh [= sound of wind].


Soular Whispers

We are warmed up to New Earth by  New Sun (a.k.a. The Sunster), with an ever brighter glow. Have you noticed?  The Sun holds a deep promise, a truth that craves to be lived. It tells us with a dear embrace: ‘You are free, always have been and always will be’.  With the whole truth and ‘nothing but’ out there  – to be seen, to be felt, overflown with and filled up by –  is there really still a dare?

As the seasons turn, turn, turn here’s a little Sun-spired tune, Soular Whispers. You’re free to enjoy it, courtesy of The Sunster.

An open invitation

Today 2012 graciously invites us into her home and asks us to be kind. To let go. To take our shoes off. To let tears flow. To have a heart. To not know. To be gentle. To take lightly. To smile. To play. One day at a time. Moment by moment, carrying us from Now to Now. RSVP.

I’m happy to share this little musical gift with you – original by Spirit. Have a good one. Play.

Dear two-thousand-and-twelve

Some fear you
Others revere you
Some say you’re a storm
Others say you’re a breeze
Some say you’re the One
Others say you’re a dime a dozen
Some say you divide
Others say you unite
Some say you’re a runner
Others say you’ll come around
Some say you rock the boat
Others say you’re the cradle
Some say you’re the door
Others say you’re the window
Some say you’re Potsie
Others say you’re Fonzie
Some say you’re a ghost
Others say you’re a dream
Some say you raise hell
Others say you raise up
Some say you reach out
Others say you push aside
Some say you’re worthless
Others say you’re priceless
Some say you’ re winding down
Others say you’re lifting up
Some say you take away
Others say you bring back
Some say you’re off
Others say you align
Some say ‘graveyard’
Others say ‘shift’
Some say you lose it
Others say you get it
Some say you’re just a date
Others say you save the day
Some say you’re too late
Others say you’re right on time
Some say you’re unwritten
Others say you’re Scripture
Some say you’re troubled waters
Others say you’re the bridge
Some say you’re old school
Others say you’re new age
Some say you’re powerless
Others say you’re charged
Some say you’re bi-polar
Others say you’re True North
Some say you drop shoes
Others say you’re barefoot
Some say you’re a detour
Others say you pave the way
Some say you’re the weather guy
Others say you’re Noah
Some say you’re underground
Others say you’re the mountain top
Some say you’re a racket
Others say you’re a prophet
Some say you’re a fog
Others say you’re cloud nine
Some say you’re a lone wolf
Others say you’re a Care Bear
Some say you’re off-track
Others say you’re upbeat
Some say you hit the fan
Others say you turn your cheek
Some say you’re deep down
Others say you’re pre-dawn
Some say you’re little help
Others say you’re The Wonder Years
Some say you’re the judge
Others say you’re The People
Some say you’re make-belief
Others say ‘Imagine’
Some say you’re chaos
Others say you’re karma
Some say you forsake
Others say you forgive
Some say you’re just a matter of time
Others say you’re the heart of the matter

And me? I say you have a PR problem. Call me. – Jay –

Why can’t I wiggle your finger?

Season’s greetings to you all. Gather around for this little bonfire exchange between Uncle Wayne (Dyer) and Uncle Deepak (Chopra), going right to the heart of unity consciousness and our sense of separation – from Source – ‘organizing intelligence’ –  and thus from  each other. Hope it lights you up as it did me.

“ If the same God, or intelligence or  infinite intelligence – organizing intelligence – runs through you , let’s say, that runs through me…there’s only one  –  there’s not a different God for you and a different God for me and a different God for everyone  – … the question is … ”   

Listen here for the [ dot dot dot ]: 

From : Living beyond miracles

How Spirit-You-All are

Observing the gyrations and discussions around 2012, New Earth, expanding consciousness, I’m finally not so surprised anymore [well, maybe just a little, I’m only human, so I’m told] by the lack of critical discernment, putting in a little ‘not sure’ here, a small ‘really?’ there. Skimming the 2012-New Earth pages and comments gives an interesting peek into [part of] the human condition/collective psyche. Especially considering that these are the people that are supposedly waking up, seeking for truth and I’m sure honestly are dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. And on that I’m with you.  This is not a matter of right vs wrong  or ‘who is more spiritual’. It’s just a neutral (as can be) observation.

Whether it’s channelings, insider stories on global power machinations, prosperity programs, prophecies of days of reckoning or revelation: so many seem to buy these messages at face value like they’re ordering an ab cruncher [why  does that sound as such a 90’s reference?] from the home shopping channel.  Old school consumerism blinded by haloes and masked by incense. Mail order spirituality, straight from the catalogue. And to each his/her own, but there’s an awful lot of room for disappointment and frustration. Just so you know.

Sure  there’s plenty of esoteric information out there  that can be valuable, perhaps to question or expand your worldview. Nothing wrong with putting pieces of the puzzle together [as not to be shocked when it shows up on the six o’clock news  – ‘galactics?…oh dear… – honey, where’s my shot gun!’]. But it’s all in the processing of that data. Basic question: if disproven or not coming to pass, how would I feel?  If  the answer is not something like ‘at peace’, look further. Otherwise you set yourself up for these wonderful learning experiences we’ve labeled as ‘failure’, ‘discomfort’, ‘frustration’ or ‘shock’. Take your pick.

Other thing is that people say they want change, but they actually are looking for a certain (positive) outcome, a different (‘better’) state [they then can  firmly hold on to]. Change is the energy movement to get from one state to another state, which can often be chaotic. Problems arise when we wanna control the chaos/change. Having expectations about what the chaos should look like – plus twenty cents – buys you a one-way ticket on the ‘f-rust-reight’ train to Denial State Park. Another pitfall is when being too sure about what this envisioned outcome will mean to us, as it would come to pass in the future. ‘If only… – fill in the blanks –… then I’ll be happy ‘. All aboard?

I tend to think of my world view as a mosaic with all little bits of pieces of information ‘painting’ a bigger picture. Question: if a piece falls off how much will it change the picture?  A bigger piece falling off will distort the look of it more, so will create more chaos of unmet expectations. If you built it up with little fragments [say from multiple sources, experiences] your view is much more stable and not so prone to sea sickening paradigm shifts. Hanging on to your beliefs even when a big chunk of the mosaic comes off? Hello cognitive dissonance, and hello stomach knot.

So in that sense these are times of revelations: not in order  to judge, but to ‘get it’. We’re invited to enter into Neutrality, not getting hung up on the good, bad and the ugly – realizing we’ve all been there, done that. And Neutrality  is observing from the High Heart that transcends polarity, or perhaps better: integrates polarity. I know Neutrality is a tricky subject because  I feel it can’t be really understood from mere 3D-thinking, where ‘unconditional love’ comes with five pages of small print and a court order.

OK, so where do I sign up to ‘get it’ ?  It’s said that the reason for us being here on this planet is to re-member again who we are, where we’re from, how Spirit-You-All are.  In Dutch  ‘to remember’  means  ‘herinneren’. Which loosely translates back into English as ‘to re-inner/re-enter’, turning back inside. Finding what’s real, that which never changes, always was and never dies. Or as A Course in Miracles beautifully puts it:  ‘Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists’. Let’s get real.

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Dutch Detour II

Here’s a Dutch translation (more are found here)  of Lauren Gorgo’s latest installment [Transference – the reBirth – november 8th]. As always this stuff is ‘to whom it may concern’, and I consider it very relevant – remember, your resonance is the ultimate guide. Here you go.

Overdracht – De Weder-Geboorte – Lauren Gorgo  – [original]

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