March 9th 2012 – Bill Ballard – Solar Flares And The Incoming Buzz
March 5th 2012 – Listen With Your Heart 
February 29th 2012 – Carl Boudreau – The Astrology Of March 
February 23rd 2012 – Denise Lefay – Ascension And Earning Money
February 9th 2012 –  Brenda Hoffman – You’re In Uncharted Emotional Territory
February 9th 2012 – Adam Elenbaas – Reincarnation
February 8th 2012 – Chief Seattle’s Reply
February 7th 2012 – Lee Harris – February Energy Forecast
February 4th 2012 – Rebecca Cherry – Follow Your Heart
February 3rd 2012 – Bill Ballard – Super Solar Flares And The Incoming Big Buzz
January 30th 2012 – The Ten Commandments Of The Native  Americans
Jamuary 27th 2012 – Rumi Quotes 
January 23rd 2012 – Delving Into 2012 – The Year Of The Water Dragon
January 21st 2012 – Lisa Gawlas – The Importance Of Unconditional Love Of ALL Life
January 20th 2012 – Bill Ballard – Is This Love From The Head Or The Heart?
January 19th 2012 – Strange Noises Around The World – Video Compilation
January 18th 2012 – Lisa Gawlas – A Release of Energy in February and the Express Train
January 14th 2012 – Bill Ballard – The Final Battle
January 12th 2012 – Bill Ballard – My Story
 January 6th 2012 – Jim Self – What Do You Mean The 3rd Dimensions is Going Away?
 January 5th 2012 – Jeff Brown – Finding Your Soulpod
 Denise Lefay – What Is Unity Consciousness?
Lauren Gorgo – Inception – The Final Initiation
Lauren Gorgo – Leaders Of A New Humanity
Lauren Gorgo – Changing Of The Guards
Lauren Gorgo – The (re)Education of Sacred Embodiment
Lauren Gorgo – The Phases of Embodiment

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