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Breathe Deeply

The Sun looks in the mirror and sees the wild flowers. And sees you. And me.  As the flowers breathe in the Sun, the Sun inhales the flowers, fully. And you. And me. How deep do you allow yourself to breathe?

It’s about to turn Spring again in the Universe. And it’s about time. You’re already sown and seeded. Time for a little peek-a-boo to start seeing ourselves for who we truly are. Franz Kafka tells us:

‘You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.’

Breathe deeply. Make the Sun proud and shine your Light. Be glorious.


The Guardians

Reading the musings of Lisa Gawlas (here and here), currently from the grounds of New Mexico,  she speaks of The Guardians, the unseen energy keepers, up on the Mesa cliff  in her backyard. The ancestors that ‘are us, aspects of us to merge with’.  That image stuck with me, and begged for a little soundtrack.

They’re the winds from our past, the breeze from the future, seeding the vortex of Now. They are us.  Ssshhhhhh ssshhhhhh [= sound of wind].

Is this thing on?

Nietzsche once said that ‘you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star’ – And if one look out in the world (‘tension’) is anything to go by  (as within so without) we’re on the cusp of breaking out in one bright and shiny cosmic conga line, then.

Probably like many of you, life has sent me down the (often not so) scenic route, with detours, tourist traps, potholes, faded dreams and all. Actually I should say  ‘I had life sent  me…’ to put it in a spiritually correct non-victimized way, huh. A mixed bag of ‘we’ve come a long way, but we haven’t gone far’, anyway.

But on August 6th 2011 I wrote in my notebook these  words – ‘this is turnaround week’ – . And I know it sounds kinda pompous (and an awful lot like “detour”). Though  I didn’t necessarily knew what it meant, it felt like a major uplifting positive for humanity, this planet and more (and me), a heartfelt knowing, with a big chunk of ‘happy’. Perhaps it was just that for the first time I started to wake up to this ‘new’ reality that  I was part of it all, this major shift in consciousness I’d heard, maybe sensed a little, about before…. But this was beyond ‘a clue here and there‘ . And it’s like entering uncharted territory with an odd sense of familiarity. Have I been here before, do I know this place?

And while figuring this stuff out as I go along, trying to ride this learning curve, this shift comes with a deeper knowing and sense of connection and unity.

It’s becoming clearer to me how ‘reality’ (or the way we perceive the world and thus ourselves) isn’t filtered predominantly through the mind/left brain /lower chakras (fear-led ego) anymore, but through a ‘new’  (or re-activated ) center – your High Heart. It’s a different refined way of processing information which puts and holds you on the path of your Higher Self (or however you like to call it). And yes, it could probably spell a little more chaos first for many who are caught off guard by this kind of magic, as I see it as a collective bump up the ladder, affecting all of us.

Old school bookkeeping logic doesn’t feel (there you go already) satisfying anymore. It doesn’t work anymore, for more and more people, in the way it might have served many of us in the past. Why? It leaves out too much relevant, real (‘irrational’) information, which we’ve taken for granted for a long time. And we only discarded it because we couldn’t  put our finger or a figure ($) on it. Which only has deepened our sense of separation. But more and more are waking up to the feeling  that something major is off, unplugged. Time to get  it back on again.

So let me share a little ‘intuition on steroids’ experience I had recently. I was doing some exercise on the cross trainer. And suddenly this insight or whatever you wanna call it sunk into me:  – ‘The Angelic Realm is stepping in’ –  (and I can tell you that’s not my typical inner voice kinda chattering). I didn’t even need to picture it as it came with a wave of what I call pure ‘confirmation joy’. It’s yes beyond the shadow of a doubt. It feels like ‘relief’, ‘thank you’, ‘ticker-tape parade’.  And to make sure I really got the message I got a big exclamation mark to boot. See,  I was listening to my iPod in shuffle mode and skipped to the next song (out of 5,000): ‘The Ascent of Man’ (by REM, never heard it before). Okay…Long story short: we’ve got Company.

Do I understand it all? No. Do I mind? No. Do I heart? Yes! It’s on.

11.11.11. Top clearance?

Although I’m a dreamer-type (I major in the daytime kind), I don’t read too much into to what’s playing in the La La Land Cineplex at night. Too much Rorschach-test.

So in the night of October 11th (big energy stairstep , which means  joining occupy-my-couch) I had this dream-“flash” where I saw the date of 11.11.11. I took note, but also considered the “obvious”-ability (new word : ©, ™ ) of it. It’s kinda Y2K-ish, right.

And that’s why probably thousands of smitten couples have been planning for ages to stumble into holy matrimony on that very day (“lest we (read: husband) not forget”). And considering World War I ended on November 11th… any comedian with some self-respect  will pass up on this punch line.

Anyway, since we live in a need-to-know universe and my clearance is (as far as I know) still in the lower ranks (cosmic janitor), I sort of let it go. But the 11.11 clues kept coming. So two nights later I did the “ask and you’ll get your insight in a dream”-thing. And I’ve tried this before, without satisfying answer ( = big red “classified” stamp). Ok, by now I’m sure I don’t have to S-P-E-L-L  it out anymore, right? My clearance seemed to have been raised (ok, without telling me first, but I don’t wanna be a pain about it).

See, the thing I asked had to do with all the references online to November 11th 2011 as a big change in frequency or an energy portal. And on some level I sense that too. So  I asked for an insight or vision of the world after 11.11.11.

Now the dream in itself was brief, but the quality of it was different than I was used to. It was clearer, sharper and was filled with “knowing”. In the dream I opened the curtains to look outside, but instead of the houses, street, lamppost I saw something totally different. The expected scenery was overlaid with a lush, green beautiful forest-like landscape covering a big mountain, Mother Earth in awe-inspiring splendor. And it was followed with a deep inner-“Wow, it’s really true”: that once your frequency is increased, another layer in your reality becomes visible (and this time obviously in a big way).  And in the days after: synchronicities all over the place. Yes,  11.11.11 is firmly planted on my calendar.

So, and now what? I guess we’ll wait. And drink coffee. Oh, and rehearsal dinner, of course.

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